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PET Canned

PET Canned


●Made from 100% natural and fresh chicken brest without any chemical addictives

●Rich in high-quality protein and a variety of vitamins, Low fat

●our company has passed HACCP,APPA,ISO 9001:2000,FDA certificate,all the products are in compliance with export standards

●High quality standards and reasonable price point

●IMPROVE the dog's health ;ENHANCE its immunity effectively and GOOD to pet teeth health,;BRIGHTENING feather color


Guaranteed   Analysis of dog snack

 Crude   Protein

 Min    50%

 Crude   Fat

 Min    2%

 Crude   Fiber

 Max   0.2%


 Max   3.0%


 Max   23%


1. Perfect traning and reward treat for both puppies and adult dogs or cats

2.It is suitable for all  dogs or cats,such as  pregnanat dogs or cats,postnatal dogs or cats and sick dogs or cats.



1. Please avoid sunshine,high temperature and dampness.

2. Please use it up as soon as possible after open. 

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